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The majority of resources, services and products you can access from this page are available FREE. Only a handful require pruchase or subscription.

You will find links to an extensive array of information that's designed to help you strengthen your business interests in the marketplace, and at the same time, shield you from liability.

This is an excellent reference for webmasters, web site designers, online marketers and newcomers who may be contemplating starting a home-based business.

Domain Name Registrars

Your domain name is your Internet identity so choose it carefully. Select a name that uniquely reflects your Web site's main purpose, or describes your product's primary benefit. It will distinguish your site from the pack.

Web Page Templates

Templates galore! Free, do-it-yourself, subscription-based and custom design. Plus lots of images, logos, backgrounds and textures.

Fonts & Font Browser

Looking for that special or unusual font to compliment that graphic header or skyscraper banner you're designing? Here are places you can look.

Web Hosting

Choosing the right professional Web host for your site is an important decision. Shop around and compare features and prices that meet your requirements. Be sure to make allowance for future growth.


If you're planning to accept credit card orders online, these third party processors would be of interest to you.

Free / Inexpensive Graphics

Designing your own Web site but can't find the right graphics? Take a look at these sites. They offer a collection of clipart, backgrounds, buttons, photos, banners, fonts, annimations and more.

Image Editors

A good image editor is a requsite tools for the professional Web designer and artist, but this software ought to be on the desktop of the Webmaster and serious marketer as well.

Vector Graphics Editor

Here's an Open Source vector graphics editor that is useful for working on projects such as web graphics, technical diagrams, icons, creative art, logos, maps, and so on.

Screen Capture Software

Quick and easy-to-use software for capturing screenshots that can be used for creating training documents, ebooks, tutorials, reports, user guides and other types of documents.

Ebook Templates

An e-book template makes it easy to design your own professional looking covers for your e -books, reports, brochures and other Web projects.

Office Suite

Microsoft and Corel may be the big players in office suite programs, but Open Office provides a complete package of powerful and easy to use software programs to handle all your home/office needs, and it's completely free.

HTML / PDF Compilers

Convert your Web documents into separate .EXE or .PDF files with these software programs.


Protect your published work with a registered copyright.

Legal Forms & Protection

Ignorance of the rules and regulations that govern Internet Marketing is not an excuse for failing to comply. Protect your Web businesses, Web sites and products from frivilous litigation.

Anti Virus and Anti Spyware

Get the highest level of protection for your computer system and safeguard your business from viruses, worms and all kinds of threats on the Internet.


Put your marketing on auto-pilot with these powerful promotional tools, and double or even triple your profits.

Zip/Unzip Utilities

Do you have large files or several files to download/upload, share by email, or you simply want to conserve storage space? Just bundle and compress them with any of these utilities. Reduces transmission times and size to more than 90%.

FTP Clients

These tools handle the secure transfer of files across the Internet. It doesn't matter what type or size. Web documents and multi-media files can be uploaded/downloaded with ease, and can be edited and managed remotely.


Need to research something on Internet technology, troubleshoot a specific computer problem, or simply expand your knowledgebase? Here are a few great places you can begin.

Website Monitoring

How can you be sure that your site is up and running every minute of every day? A website monitoring service might be the best way to be alerted should something go awry.


This free open-source service makes screenshots of your web designs in a variety of browsers. Serious webmasters will appreciate the convenience and usefulness of this resource.

Article Directories

Submitting articles to article directories for publication in ezines, newsletters, blogs, web sites, even in print, can dramatically expand your sphere of influence and drive traffic your way.

Landing Page Templates

Now you can build, publish and test your own landing pages to increase conversions and grow your customer lists.

Internet Marketing Forums

Online discussion forums are great places to interact with others who share your interests. If you are a novice or a seasoned entrepreneur, you can learn a lot from the exchange of ideas, opinions, advice and knowledge.


If you need to hire someone to write an e-book, design a Web site, create a cool opt-in form for your site, or perform any other business service, these sites are highly recommended.

CD/DVD Fulfillment Services

Are you looking for a reliable company to outsource the labeling, duplication, packaging and shipping of your software CD, audio CD, data DVD or video DVD? Here are two fulfillment companies that can handle your requirements.


Need to get an important teleconference, interview or seminar transcribed? Here are three excellent services that will meet your deadline, guarantee your satisfaction, and do it at an affordable rate.

File Conversion

Can't open a file because you don't have the appropriate software to do it? Here is a handy service to take care of the process for you. It's FREE! You also have the option to sign up for as little as $7 a month and enjoy a range of additional benefits.





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