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Project Management Tool

If you have been searching for the "perfect" project management software application—

  • to help you manage your assignments
  • regardless of how simple or complex
  • or how few or many people are involved
  • and everyone can collaborate in real time
  • from completely different locations
  • and finish within the deadline

—then Basecamp is the ideal solution.

This powerful software tool has been getting rave reviews from users and the press because of its versatility, simple elegance, intuitive interface, and superior value.

Once you experience how easy it is to organize, develop, track and expedite just about every aspect of your projects, you'll be asking yourself how you managed to function without such a utility for so long.

Basecamp is hosted on fast, reliable and secure Web servers, so there's absolutely nothing to download, install or configure. All you need to get started is an Internet connection and a Web browser.

It is easily adaptable to any industry.

  • Web Designers use it to collaborate with clients on design projects.
  • Architects use it to coordinate schedules with vendors and contractors.
  • Musicians use it to develop lyrics and musical ideas.
  • Study Groups use it to post lecture notes and arrange study sessions.
  • Accountants use it to keep clients updated on the latest tax laws.
  • Real Estate Agents use it to display photos of properties.
  • Authors & Publishers use it to revise book drafts.
  • Internet Marketers use it to discuss joint venture specifics.

That's only a sampling of the things this software can do, and a tiny snippet of the industries and professions that consider Basecamp to be their absolute project management tool of choice.

Regardless of how simple or complex your projects may be, this utility provides a central location for those involved to work individually or as a team. It's efficient, economical, effective and easy to use.

If you just need to organize your thoughts, work on your to-do lists, be kept informed of important dates, or share data without using the phone or sending e-mail, Basecamp can handle it. And it keeps track of all your important communications for quick retrieval.

Even when you are out of the office, travelling, attending seminars and workshops, you can utilize this software to pass along information, or to keep abreast of project developments.

Access to your Basecamp account is password protected, and SSL encryption is also available to further safeguard your information. You can control who gets to view any or all of your projects by setting permissions to allow, limit or deny access. It's as simple as checking or unchecking a checkbox.

If your business is a one-person operation or a multi-level conglomerate, and you need an effective management tool for your internal and client-related management needs, you will find this software to be worthy of your demands.

Take a quick tour and see what Basecamp can do for you and your business.





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