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Link Cloaker Tool

If you are an affiliate marketer you will appreciate what this link cloaker tool can do to help you increase commissions. It disguises affiliate links from those unscrupulous people who would intentionally bypass or hijack an affiliate URL to deprive the rightful owner of a commission.

One of the immediate benefits this tool provides for the affiliate is an improved click-through rate. When you hold your mouse over an affiliate link, a typical affiliate URL that displays in your browser's status bar, may look like this:

To bypass that link, someone would simply remove the affiliate identification number ?48638 and go directly to, denying the rightful affiliate any money.

To hijack that link, someone would simply remove ?48638 and replace it with another number, perhaps ?12345. Credit and commission for the sale would then go to affiliate ?12345.

What this tool does is generate a code that substitutes the original affiliate link that normally appears in your browser's status bar, with whatever you designate. Search engine spiders are not affected by this.

Affiliate Link

Text Link
  Example: Excellent Health

Status Bar Link   Example:

*Nofollow Attribute (Optional)  

Generated Code

*The "nofollow" attribute is currently supported by search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSNSearch, and is used to prevent comment spam which is rampant on blogs.

Use the Select Text button to highlight the generated code that shows in the textarea box, then copy and paste it into the appropriate <a> link tag of your Web page HTML source code.





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