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HTML Validator

If you author your Web pages in HTML or XHTML, you can use this free tool to find and debug errors in your markup and ensure compliance to Web standards.

::W3C's free online Markup Validation Service

Simply insert the URL of the Web document you want to validate, and then click the Validate! button. A new window will open with...

  • a detailed list of errors
  • their precise location
  • the probable causes
  • suggestions for making corrections

Why Validate?

You could compare validating your HTML to having your English composition checked by a teacher for grammar, syntax, spelling and so on. Validation allows you to see how your document complies to the Web Standards published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for HTML and XML document types.

Because different browsers interpret and display certain aspects of the same page in slightly different ways, validating your markup is an important step towards ensuring uniformity across browsers and operating platforms.

Plus, you will want to stay on the right side of emerging laws that require Web sites to be accessible to all users, regardless of disability or the technology used.





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