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Web Business

 $ix Figure Profits
by Hermas Haynes
Get a sneak peak at this comprehensive blueprint and learn what it takes to create a web business from scratch and grow it into a profitable enterprise. This preview looks at personal change, self preparation, and the importance of developing the right mindset to ensure success. There's also a chapter on how to come up with innovative product ideas. [41 pages]

 Article Writing Secrets
by Raamakants S

Explains a step-by-step process for making money writing informative articles to promote your products and consistently generate free targeted traffic to your website or blog. You will discover everything you need to know to pump out dozens of high quality articles on any schedule you decide. [52 pages]

 The Webmasters Business Masters Course
by Mark Frank
An insightful insider's view of the requirements for launching a home-based website design business from scratch and getting it rolling in the right direction. This course will show you the ropes and help you establish a solid footing for your business. It will put you in a position to become a successful independent website designer. [61 pages]

 21 Power Principles to Maximize Your Business Success
by Jay Abraham
This 29-page report reveals 21 powerful, practical techniques to help your business jump-start sales and profits. They can be applied with equal effectiveness to any type of business, large or small and are designed to help you put more cash and more customers in your business! The author is a premier marketing consultant with a stellar track record. [29 pages]

 Marketing With Blogs and RSS
by Brandon Hong
Here's an insightful report taken from a teleseminar on how to use blogs and rss feeds to market yourself and your products. Brandon makes light work of explaining how to take advantage of this new, exploding technology. This is an eye-opening read. [20 pages]

 The Insiders Guide: What You Need To Know Before, During And After Forming a Business Entity
An extremely useful and informative guide that educates you on the advantages, liabilities and tax ramifications of doing business as a Corporation, LLC or other type of entity. It answers the important questions regarding the protections offered by the various legal structures. [24 pages]

 Web Design Mastery
by Shelley Lowery
You can learn how to design a professional Web site using these easy-to-follow instructions, pictures and copy and paste codes. This guide is written by a successful Internet marketer and webmistress who has many years experience in professional site design. She takes you beyond HTML basics and includes many other things you wouldn't find any where else. That's her style, to overdeliver on content. [77 pages]

 Working With ClickBank
by Tom Hua
If you are in search of a secure and reliable system for accepting online credit card payments for digital products and services, this could be your solution. Everything you need to know to set up an account with ClickBank is explained in detail. You will even find out how to set up a professional affiliate program. It's a great "how to" reference. [25 pages]



 Eat That Frog
by Brian Tracy
Get the goods on how to overcome procrastination and get more done. Find out what specific actions you can take immediately to increase your overall levels of productivity, performance and output, and make yourelf more valuable in whatever you do. Each of these 21 techniques can be put to use any time, in any sequence that makes sense to you. [113 pages]

 The Science of Getting Rich
by Wallace D. Wattles.

The author of this remarkable 1910 classic descibes it as "a practical manual" intended for the men and women who wish to get rich first, and philosophize afterwards. This guide has a powerful message for those seeking to become all that they are capable of becoming. It has been hailed as "one of the greatest books ever written." [80 pages]

 As A Man Thinketh
by James Allen

This timeless masterpiece helps you to recognize that by simply applying the power of thought, you can control the ability to mould yourself and transform your dreams and ideas into reality. You create your conditions and circumstances by virture of how you think. This little volume has been an inspiration for millions of readers just like you. [28 pages]

 The Master Key System
by Charles F. Haanel

Why is it that some people seem to attract success, power and wealth with hardly any effort, while others often struggle for very long periods and still fail to achieve their ambitions? This books gives you insight into some deep-rooted universal truths that hold the answers. It explains the process that converts thoughts and desires into reality. [172 pages]

 Conversations With Millionaires
by Mike Litman and Jason Oman

A No.1 best seller packed with life-changing information from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in America today. Find out what millionaires do to get rich that they don't teach you in school. Read the actual transcripts of interviews with 9 successful millionaires as they reveal exactly how they obtained their wealth. If you are looking for greater prosperity and happiness, this book is a treasure. [250 pages]

 Think and Grow Rich
by Napolean Hill

This book reveals the secret that has made fortunes for thousands of people from all walks of life. It shows you how to apply and master the simple basic techniques to enjoy lasting success. You'll learn what to do to have whatever you want in life, as well as how to do it. The formula works for all those who are ready to receive its wisdom and apply it to their life. [235 pages]

 The Law of Success
by Napolean Hill

Here is a sample of excerpts from the first four lesons of The Law of Success Course by the famous author. It expounds on the philosophy that success is a combination of imagination, individual effort and the cooperation of others, and examins the habits you should develop to become successful. [47 pages]

 Acres of Diamonds
by Dr. Russell Conwell

The principles in this book teach that you have the opportunity to make more of yourself from within your own environment, with your own skill, energy and friends. You may be closer to a life of limitless wealth than you think. This book will help you to discover your own acres of diamonds. [41 pages]

 You Were Born Rich
by Bob Proctor

This remarkable book takes you on an interesting journey of disovery. It teaches you how to move from where you are to wherever you want to be, and reinforces the idea that you already have the ability to achieve all the things you now dream about. You'll learn how to harness the Laws of Creation to enjoy a rewarding lifestyle of happiness and abundance. [92 pages]

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