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Articles | Why Writing and Publishing Articles is a Top 10 Traffic Generator

Why Writing and Publishing Articles is a Top 10 Traffic Generator

It is a fact that driving traffic to your website is fundamental to the survival of any Web business. Without it your business is invisible to the virtual world and you have no hope for success. Web traffic is as important to an online business as blood is to the human body. It provides life and sustenance.

The biggest, ongoing challenge Web marketers face is finding innovative ways to generate a constant stream of targeted traffic to their sites, and one of the most effective methods for accomplishing this is writing articles for distribution. You can do this for no cost or very economically, and the benefits are immediate, powerful and long-lasting.

Don't be discouraged if writing is not one of your natural talents, you can enlist the help of a friend who has great writing skills, or work out a feasible arrangement with a ghost writer. As long as the articles are of high quality and deliver valuable content, they can be useful for generating traffic.

Here are some of the characteristics that make article writing an important marketing tool for generating loads of traffic to your website.

1. Flexibility. Articles offer solutions to problems, provide answers to questions, and can be instructional, provocative, thought-provoking, educational and entertaining. This range of adaptibility gives you the freedom to select the best format to structure your information for maximum impact.

2. Scope. Articles can address every subject under the sun, making them universal and useful to every conceivable market. No topic is off limits. Whatever your particular target group may be, you can use articles to attract group members to your site.

3. Longevity. Articles will be preserved for posterity and will live in cyberspace for as long as it exists. Your body of work will therefore be available to information seekers for generations, via computers and hand-held devices.

4. Immediacy. Articles can be written to record, report or respond to any event, and the details can be uploaded in seconds. Getting the word out quickly and ahead of the competition is always desireable and certainly gives you an advantage.

5. Length. Articles can be brief, comprised of multiple parts, or be as long as they need to be to get your point across. So there is a place for your writing if you are laconic, long-winded or somewhere in between.

6. Demand. Articles cater to the continuous demand for fresh and superior content. Publishers, webmasters and marketers are always looking for unique content to serve their readership and this drives the demand.

7. Distribution. Articles can be circulated through hundreds of distribution sites which in turn feed thousands of websites, blogs, ezines and other media sources. Getting exposure to a wide audience is critical to expanding your influence and affecting large numbers of readers.

8. Leverage. Articles provide enormous leverage for the writer. The time invested in researching, writing and submitting an article can result in unbelievable exposure over a relatively short time period.

9. Resource Box. Articles have a resource box attached at the end which contains a brief biography about you the author, along with live links to your blog, website, ezine or some other asset you may control. This gives readers a glimpse of who you are and provides them with further access to your other properties.

10. Page Rank. Articles provide a viral network of incoming links to your web pages by virtue of the resource box. As your articles are circulated across the Web, so too are the links pointing back to you. The cumulative effect of this dynamic linking system results in better search engine page ranking, more exposure, wider visibility and ultimately, increased traffic.

11. Status. Articles play a major role in elevating your status, name-recognition and influence in the marketplace. The more ubiquitous your articles, the more exposure and respect you get. And if your content is useful, informative and enlightening, you can become a mentor to many.

So there you have it, valid reasons why you ought to be leveraging articles to expand, advance and elevate your name, your site, your product and your brand.

Article writing is an extremely reliable method for disseminating content and influencing large segments of your market. It is an affordable and dependable way to stir up a continuous flow of traffic to your web pages for a long, long time.

About the AuthorHermas Haynes has been marketing online for over five years. To learn more about other techniques for attracting a flood of traffic to your website, go to for the details.

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