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The PDF Approach to Web Business Success

More and more people today are turning to the Internet to pursue their dreams of financial independence. They see this fantastic digital frontier as the place to develop a successful Web business, and enjoy an ultimate lifestyle of personal freedom and satisfaction.

Some people come to this decision after carefully considering other options. Some are attracted to this cyber environment because they have no other options. Still others are lured by curiosity, and the fantastic claims of extraordinary incomes that are allegedly being made with hardly any effort.

Regardless of how people arrive at this global marketplace, statistics show that the overwhelming majority will fail. They will use up time, money, energy and resources, and then have nothing to show for it. Only a handful will actually enjoy any worthwhile measure of success.

So what separates the winners from the losers? The answer is what I refer to as The PDF Approach to Web Business Success.

And what is that exactly?

Simply this:

The winners know how to apply preparation, discipline and flexibility to every aspect of their business, and they understand how to use the benefits to inflate their bottom line.

This approach is as fundamental to the new online business owner as it is to the seasoned entrepreneur. It serves as a reliable guide that helps you to avoid the pitfalls and bad habits that can quickly sink your business ambitions.


From selecting the right product, business model, domain name, Web site design, all the way through copywriting, credit card processing and customer service, proper preparation is key to getting your business off the ground on a solid footing.

As your business grows, sound preparation and planning will serve as a useful barometer against which you can monitor your progress and make quick adjustments when needed. This perparation also applies to your budgeting, marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns; even to joint venture alliances you may form.

It's important to be prepared with layers of contingency plans in case the originals don't work out as expected. You never want to be caught in a situation that leaves you dead in the water with no options.

The time expended in this phase of The PDF Approach will return handsome dividends down the road. Be prepared!


With any online business there are a host of things that must be attended to on any given day. Things like reading and answering e-mail, writing an article for the newsletter, dealing with customer issues, developing new product ideas, finding fresh advertising outlets, and so on.

Even if many of these chores are delegated or outsourced, there are still many opportunities for you to be distracted and sidetracked. You have got to guard against things that would stall your progress.

The best way to do that is to develop the discipline to do the important things first. Take care of those things that would prevent you from losing business, then attack those that would result in new business.

For example: Address the customer service problem before designing a campaign for new business, because a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

But human nature being what it is, it's so easy to procrastinate because you're the boss and you could. However, you must resist that temptation. It's not good for business.

If you are to accomplish your goals, you must work diligently on whatever would advance your business the most that day, or whatever is the most important at that moment. Use a To Do List and stick to it. Refine your time management skills. Develop good business operating habits. Be disciplined!


Speed is one of the unique advantages the Internet offers. New marketing tools and strategies are constantly being developed that can leapfrog your business over your competition, or leave you eating their dust.

With the right infrastructure in place though, in a moment's notice you can position your business to capitalize on new developments. This can expose you to a larger constituency, expand your customer base and ultimately increase profits.

Therefore, your mindset must embrace flexibility. Keep trying new things in different and unrelated areas. Keep pushing the envelope to find new fertile ground to explore and exploit.

If you prepare your business adequately and institute disciplined operating procedures, you would be well-positioned to assert your flexibility when the time is right. Be flexible!

About the AuthorHermas Haynes is the author of a detailed blueprint that lays out the steps for starting and managing a profitable online business. Go to and download your free preview today.

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