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5 Internet Marketing Myths Exposed

If you've been doing business online for any length of time, you have probably heard stories about internet marketing that are widely believed to be true. However, if you were to peel back the outer layers of these stories and take a closer look, you'll discover that things aren't always what they first appear to be.

Many of these stories have been passed on by poorly informed marketers who unwittingly clog the marketplace with misinformation and myth. As a result, too many people adopt deluded marketing perspectives that have no basis in fact, and this often keeps them from reaching their business goals.

Let's examine some of these myths and expose them, so that they no longer hamper you, but save you time, money, effort, and move you closer to your objectives.

Myth #1 – Launch your website and you've got it made.

This belief echoes the build-it-and-they-will-come rationale that seems to work in baseball movies. It implies that people will magically beat a digital path to your site as soon as it is launched, and eagerly fill up their shopping carts with your products, making you rich overnight.

Sorry to burst your bubble on this one, but the real work starts when you launch your site. You should have a marketing strategy in place that's designed to achieve specific benchmarks within a certain time frame. And all this should be part of a larger, longterm plan to grow and sustain your business.

Myth #2 – More traffic automatically means more sales.

There is no dependable correlation between generic traffic and the number of sales you can expect. Sure, you could play the numbers game and rely on the law of averages for sporadic sales, but you might starve between purchases because not any traffic will do.

First, you must qualify the traffic according to the specific profile of your target prospect. Next, your website copy must be capable of converting visitors to customers at the highest possible ratio. Only when these two elements are working together seamlessly can you truly shift this statement from myth to fact.

Myth #3 – It's expensive to promote a Web business.

If this is your experience it means you are missing or misusing the tools, marketing models and systems that can yield cost effective results. In fact, it is much cheaper to promote an online business than a traditional brick and mortar enterprise.

The sensible approach is to test several advertising and promotional tactics and then select those that deliver the biggest bang for your buck. You should automate and outsource redundant tasks whenever possible. This will give you more time to focus on income-producing activities.

Myth #4 – A first page listing in the search results guarantees success.

Nothing is ever written in stone. Search engines use different sets of criteria to rank web pages and decide their placement in the results. But every now and then they revise the criteria, causing widespread changes in the results. Your highly visible page one placement today could be history tomorrow.

Pinning your hopes on organic search results is like putting all your eggs into one basket. That's never a smart idea. The best way to guarantee online success is to spread your options among as many different forms of promotions as possible. Variety is the spice of life, and the surest way to internet wealth.

Myth #5 – I've got a really cool product, so people will love it.

This is a classic example of putting the cart before the horse. It makes no sense to market something that you like, but no one else cares about. Drop the emotional attachment. Find a product that people are demanding and that has the solutions they are looking for. Your product will only be considered "cool" after buyers are satisfied that it delivers the benefits they want.

There you have it, five marketing myths exposed and the lens of perception adjusted to restore a sharper view. You are now much better informed and equipped to go after your online objectives with renewed vigor, confidence and optimism.

Go and find ways to apply these insights to your marketing efforts. Hopefully, you will elevate your business to new levels of success and enjoy the gains that accrue when you do.

About the Author - Hermas Haynes is founder of the popular online resource eBizInfoCenter where you can find many more useful marketing articles and tools to help you advance your Web business.

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