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Is There an Absolute Best Way to Make Money Online?

If you were to pose that question to a dozen online marketers today, you might get 12 completely different answers, each with convincing evidence to support its case.

People from all kinds of backgrounds, with a range of expectations and understanding, will interpret that question in various ways. Some will interpret "best way" to mean "easiest way," "cheapest way," "quickest way," even "best product."

Those distinct perspectives will tend to alter the thrust of the question and open the door for answers that might prove to be contradictory and confusing, especially for the newcomer who is looking to earn extra money to pay the utilities, or perhaps start a college fund for the kids.

A Closer Look at the Question

But before I get to the answer, let's first examine the question more closely. Is there an absolute best way to make money online?

Well, when you consider that everyone has different experiences, skills, motivations, objectives, areas of interest, and amounts of time to put into any money-making venture, you can be sure that these factors will have an influence on which choices will seem the most appealling.

So, for the person who loves to write and can put their thoughts on paper intelligently, article marketing might spark their interest; however, that same tactic might be rejected by someone who is less confident about their writing ability.

A tool will do whatever it was designed to do, but it requires the skill and experience of the craftsman to put it through its paces in order for it to work its magic. Similarly, any online money-making method or idea will deliver results according to the skill and know-how of the person implementing it.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

There is no one-size-fits-all, guaranteed, money-making method that is ideal for every conceivable business model, niche, product, service and specialty, because there are simply too many variables. The only way to know for sure which method is the most effective for you, is to test several and record the results.

What you'll discover is that the absolute best way to make money online is the method that delivers the best results to help you reach your goals at the moment, and that will generally be different for different people.

If email marketing, pay-per-click, ebooks and AdSense each delivers the best results for four individual marketers, good for them! Search marketing could be the strategy that gets you the best conversions and highest number of sales. That works for you!

So, while each of the "best ways" may be different, neither is wrong or right, but simply appropriate for the person using it.

Of course you should never limit yourself to just one money-making method, regardless of the fantastic results. Instead, you should implement several methods on a continuous basis. Since different approaches will deliver different results in different timeframes, you need the combination to ensure a steady flow of Web traffic.

What works well today may be less effective tomorrow, that's why you need to hedge your bets and spread your risks among many marketing methods. Not only is it smart strategy, it also keeps you within view of the next absolute best way to make money online... whatever that may turn out to be.

About the Author - Hermas Haynes is an experienced online marketer and founder of the popular Web business resource where you can find many more marketing strategies, tools, articles and ideas for advancing your online business.

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