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Six Ways to Capitalize on the Popularity of eBooks

The Web has become the place millions of people turn to everyday for news and information about things that interest them. It has also become the new frontier for hoards of people who are serious (or curious) about earning an income from home.

The astute marketer can use these two factors in conjunction with today's digital technology to supply a worthwhile need and earn an impressive income at the same time. This scenario is ideal for what I call the "darling product" of the Internet — the ebook.

The ebook has unique features and capabilities that make it the preferred format for packaging and distributing various types of information all across the globe in just seconds.

It is suitable for inspirational stories, tutorials, complex technical information, and can even accomodate graphics, audio files, video files as well as links to Web sites anywhere on the Internet.

Here now are six ways you can leverage the versatile characteristics of the ebook to earn yourself a comfortable income for years to come.

  1. Provide Internet users with the information they desire. Show people how to solve a problem, or explain a simpler, cheaper or quicker way for them to get a certain result, and they will naturally look to you as a useful resource in future.

  2. Publish articles about important topics in your ebook. A well written article published in an ezine or article directory is a common way for people to learn about you. The author's bio that appears at the end of the article can steer readers to a blog or Web page where they can find out more about what you do.

  3. Make a preview available to prospective buyers. It is a simple matter to prepare a preview of your ebook for potential buyers to download and check out before placing an order. You will significantly improve the chance of making a sale if you first allow interested parties to sample your product.

  4. Use it to generate leads and capture opt-ins. In exchange for a name and email address you can give away your ebook as a gift. This helps you to build a list of pre-qualified prospects that you can followup with later to offer related items. It also exposes your product to an ever-expanding sphere in your marketplace.

  5. Repackage the original information in a different format. The content of your ebook can be reformatted and offered as a multi-part course that is accessible by email, teleconference or exclusive Web site. And you can charge significantly more for this.

  6. Establish yourself as an expert in your field. Publishing an ebook will give readers an indication of how much you know about your particular subject and how effective you are at sharing that knowledge. Once they preceive you to be an authority figure in your niche, they will gladly subscribe to your newsletter, join your forum and tell others about you.

The above represents a tiny handful of the many strategies that can be applied to get lots of mileage out of ebooks. With a little effort you can come up with other methods yourself.

But if you simply implement these six techniques on a regular basis, you will be astounded at the tremendous impression they will have on your business growth, your reputation and your earnings.

About the Author: Hermas Haynes has more than five years of solid online marketing experience and is the webmaster of — a popular resource for marketing ideas, tools and strategies that will help you advance your Web business.

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