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Smart Tips for Putting Your Sales on Autopilot

One of the most important features the Internet offers is interactivity, and the sequential autoresponder has become the most effective tool for the Web marketer to exploit this dynamic. When used correctly, this tool can be transformed into your obedient, reliable, productive workhorse and sales representative.

You can have as many autoresponders as you require. They are not difficult to set up and each can be programmed to automate several important tasks, freeing up more time for you to develop new ideas and expand your business.

An autoresponder is essentially an e-mail program that responds automatically to any incoming message to a particular e-mail address.

It can be set up to:

  • announce special offers.
  • distribute multi-part e-courses.
  • broadcast personalized messages.
  • promote products, services and articles.
  • deliver newsletters, e-zines and e-books.
  • persuade prospects to take action.
  • provide additional information.
  • follow-up with customers.
  • do much more.

Once started, each of the above assignments can help you generate income 24 hours a day — automatically, economically and consistently. So, if you decided to take an extended vacation and enjoy life's pleasures frolicking on a Caribbean beach, you could do so without suffering any loss of revenue.

The autoresponder is a wonderful e-mail tool and here are some specific ways it could benefit your business.

1. Test and Track Specific Ad Campaigns

Place a small classified advertisement in an online publication and include an e-mail address for readers to request more information. That e-mail address takes them to your autoresponder which has been previously set up with the additional information.

The request triggers an immediate and automatic e-mail response to the reader. It's quick and efficient.

By setting up different autoresponder addresses with the same information, you can use the count of incoming e-mails for each address to track the effectiveness of things like:

  • your headlines.
  • your ad copy.
  • the publication's pulling power.
  • any other data that may be important to you.

2. Offer a Preview of your E-book or Software Product

Studies have shown that you substantially reduce buying resistance if you allow prospects to get a sneak peek at what you have to offer. It gives them an opportunity to evaluate your product and determine if it suits their purpose, before plunking down money and possibly finding out otherwise.

At the same time, your willingness to have your product scrutinized says you are confident it will deliver on your claims.

This strategy gives you access to the prospect's e-mail address, where you can send instructions for previewing your product. Subsequent follow-ups can be sent at appropriate intervals encouraging the prospect to make a purchase, subscribe to your newsletter, or whatever the case may be.

3. Thank You, Follow-up and Upsell

When someone orders your product, your autoresponder can routinely send a personalized message confirming the transaction and thanking them for the purchase. Three days later a follow-up e-mail can be sent to see how they're doing with the product, and offering to answer questions or address any problems.

This show of support is very reassuring, helps to build trust, and lays the foundation for developing a positive business relationship.

Four days after that, you can send off a second follow-up message recommending other products the purchaser might find useful. This tactic is effective. It leads to additional sales and is completely automated.

4. Distribute a Mini-Course via E-mail

It is widely known that repeated contacts with a potential customer are necessary before a sale is made. Five to seven contacts is the range that seems to deliver the greatest success. You can capitalize on this by offering a mulit-part course, tutorial or chapters from your latest e-book.

Program your autoresponder to release a new chapter or lesson every two or three days. Make sure that each message includes a reference to your product or service, with links where appropriate, along with an invitation to buy your stuff.

This approach keeps your business fresh in the reader's mind. The frequency and quality of the information helps her become familiar and comfortable with you. Trust is developed. Your stock goes up and the reader is more inclined to do business with you eventually.

There are many other creative ways in which this powerful technology is being used everyday to connect with thousands of potential customers. The beauty of the autoresponder is that it can be programmed for a particular function then left alone to carry out its instructions.

With a little effort you can come up with your own innovative ways to automate your business and create new marketing opportunities, improve customer service, establish your brand and boost profits, all without increasing your workload.

About the Author - Hermas Haynes is an Internet marketer and Webmaster. You can preview sample chapters from his upcoming blueprint that explains the steps to starting and managing a profitable Web business in just hours a day. Get your very own preview copy of $ix Figure Profits today!

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