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Strategies for Improving Your Advertising Results

You may be absolutely convinced that yours is the best mousetrap in town, but if you do not place it where the mice are, you'll never catch any mice, nor will you ever find out how efficient your mousetrap is—or is not.

Here's the point:

To become a successful marketer you must constantly present your offer to those sections of your niche that will derive the most benefit from it.

But before I go on, let's take a quick look at advertising to understand its true purpose. This will make it easier to appreciate the precise tactics that must be applied in order to yield the best results.

Advertising always has an ulterior motive. Its purpose is to influence the public to act on something. Anything! It could be to subscribe to an ezine, download a report, click a link, buy a product, recommend a friend or any other number of actions.

Three fundamental elements must be present in every advertisement and they should work together seamlessly to deliver the outcome that the advertiser expects. This is true for all media.

  1. The ad should capture the consumer's attention by going beyond just being seen or heard, to being "recognized" by the brain.

  2. The message should be compelling and should resonate with the consumer on an emotional, psychological, intuitive or other level.

  3. The consumer should be moved into action according to the suggestion of the message.

Now that you know the key elements your ad needs to attract the strongest responses, the next important step is to place it where it will be seen by those who have a primary interest in what you're offering.

Here's how:

  • Aim your ad at a specific type of viewer. Instead of going after a general audience and getting marginal results at best, direct your message only to those segments of your market that would have the greatest need for your particular offer.

    If you sell marine paint, placing an ad in a publication for house painters may get you some sales. But if you targeted boat owners, boat builders and sailing enthusiasts your responses and sales would be significantly higher.

  • Highlight a single benefit at a time. People usually go online to find something specific, or to get information on something specific; therefore, any headline or text that directly mentions what they are interested in will get their attention.

    The home buyer who is shopping for a low fixed rate mortgage, will be more inclined to investigate the ad that promises "great rates", "lowest rates guaranteed", or "best mortgage rates", compared to the one that reads "home mortgage loans".

  • Advertise in places related to your product. If your target is the webmaster who needs software to manage multiple sites from a central control panel, you should run your ads in ezines, forums, publications, and Web sites that cater to this group.

    You've got to announce your message in places where there is a heavy concentration of the ideal consumer for your offer. Your responses and conversions will soar.

  • Test your advertising. The only way you can know for sure if a certain pay-per-click campaign, solo ezine ad or classified headline will deliver the results you need is to test it.

    Run two different ads concurrently in the same publication, to test a single element. You could test alternate headlines with the same text, or different text with the same headline. This way you'll be able to pinpoint which one performed better.

In order to generate interest and keep traffic flowing to your Web site, you must spread the word about your business. That's why promoting your offer must become a consistent activity.

You must start out with a carefully planned strategy and then execute it with laser precision. Always analyze your results, study the data and use what you learn to tweak your strategy. That's a guaranteed process for squeezing out even better results in the future.

About the Author: Hermas Haynes has more than five years of solid online marketing experience and is the webmaster of — a popular resource for marketing ideas, tools and strategies that will help you advance your Web business.

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