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Hermas Haynes

The ability to reach across the globe from the comfort of a home office and conduct business at an affordable cost, is a very powerful incentive for many people today. That's true for me, Hermas Haynes—founder and webmaster of this site.

All the way back in July 2000 I was introduced to the world of Internet commerce as an affiliate for a marketing group. That was completely new territory for me, and for almost a year I struggled to find the "secret" to making money online. My mood would alternate between excitement when things went well, and frustration when nothing seemed to work.

During those early days, success was quite modest but the education was priceless, so I kept at it until things started to fall into place and results got increasingly better with seemingly less effort.

Ironically, it was during that period of initiation that the idea for this Web site was born.

Today, my first-hand experience has taught me what is required to create a profitable online business. I have learned what works and what is a total waste of time. And the opportunity to provide this site as a useful resource for others to benefit from is a dream realized.

Our Motivation

There is nothing magical or mysterious about the Internet as it relates to e-commerce. The traditional business principles are still valid. What's different are the methods and tools that are needed to implement those principles in cyberspace.

Electronic marketing has created incredible opportunities for average people to accumulate wealth, but it can also be a harsh environment, especially for the beginner. To learn how to dance around the pitfalls and maximize profits, requires nothing less than a scientific approach.

This site was designed to provide a pathway for ordinary folks seeking to establish and maintain a profitable Web presence. The depth of information, strategies, marketing tools and resources we make available, gives our visitors a leg up on how to develop a business that can generate six figure profits.

Our Opinion

At we believe that in addition to having the right tools and information to achieve your ambitions, you must also possess a clear, conscious understanding of the Internet culture and its peculiarities.

The clearer your understanding, the easier it will be to implement the various techniques that can help you obtain whatever goals you've set for yourself. Of course, this requires a dedicated investment of your time and a firm commitment. Then there is the inevitable learning curve to get beyond.

But, as you become familiar with the terrain and begin to enjoy a measure of success, the experience then becomes a wonderful, worthwhile adventure. The satisfaction, financial rewards and improved lifestyle that follow are definitely worth the effort and sacrifice.

Our Newsletter

As the Internet continues to evolve, business owners must keep abreast of developing technologies and marketing methods to remain competitive. Our free newsletter "eBIZInfo" draws on our experience and the expertise of respected marketers, to deliver up–to–date information on ways to advance your business.

We hope that by sharing our resources and proven methods, we can ease you through some of the difficulties, and guide you to an adventurous and profitable Internet business experience.

May happiness and abundance be your constant companions.

Success and prosperity,





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That elusive occurence we call "luck" is really nothing more than being ready when opportunity knocks. If you prepare yourself diligently you'll eventually find yourself in the right place at the right time.